Take Action

“A government big enough to give you everything you want
is strong enough to take away everything you have.”
 –Thomas Jefferson


Tired of big government’s wild spending sprees, tighter controls and higher taxes? You CAN take back your government. Use the links below to take action!

Every citizen should become informed about the issues facing our State and National Governments. Every citizen should know who their candidates are, what these candidates stand for, and be prepared to take action by voting for those who best represent their political values and beliefs. Every seat in government–especially local offices–is vital to how well or how poorly our government will run. Good government begins in our own neighborhood, house-by-house, block-by-block.

Here’s what you can do right now!

FIND OUT IF YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTEUse this handy form to quickly check your status

REGISTER TO VOTE: If you are not registered to vote, you can apply here.

KNOW YOUR PRECINCT: After you have registered to vote, you can find your precinct which determines who represents you and what appears on your ballot.

WHO REPRESENTS YOU? AND WHEN SHOULD YOU VOTE? Find out the dates for various elections and where to go to cast your vote for the candidates of your choice. On the Dallas County form provided here, you can enter your address to find out which government officials represent you at the local and national level. For example, who is your U.S. Congressman? Your State House or Senate Representative, or even your School District and City Council representatives.

Some of the above links are to the Dallas County Elections Department and the Texas Secretary of State.


Polling Places Coming Soon

KNOW WHEN TO VOTE (Get ready for upcoming elections:

Learn about Conservative candidates in YOUR precinct at IRWC

Good government begins in our own back yard!